We’ve become hungry to understand the connection between what’s on our plate and the vast patchwork of farms, ranches, orchards and vineyards that stretch into every corner of the country. You can tear into sourdough made with decades-old starter, sip beer brewed blocks from your home and top your burger with artisan cheese. But how did it get to your plate (or your glass) in the first place?

Led by a team of food-obsessed editors and contributors, Feast and Field offers readers an up-close look at the story of food in an approachable way that inspires and captivates a broad national audience. Through in-depth profiles and enticing recipes as well as engaging photography and video, this publication educates American consumers and empowers them to make informed choices, while becoming more deeply connected with their communities.

Each week, Feast and Field shares unique stories of people across the country who are growing, processing and producing our food, from field to feast. We believe food is deeper than a dish from your favorite café and broader than a go-to recipe. With a focus on gorgeous photography and in-depth storytelling along with recipes and video profiles, Feast and Field engages through authentic storytelling.

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Korey Karnes Huyler

Executive Editor

A writer, editor, and food and wine fanatic, Korey grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, with dreams of becoming a journalist. After attending the University of North Carolina (for undergraduate studies) and Northwestern University (for graduate school), she moved to New York City to start her career – and to eat at many of the world’s top restaurants. She has written and edited for publications including Seventeen, Glamour, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune and DailyCandy, among many others. Korey now lives in Chicago with her husband and her three daughters.

Dana Fouchia

Content Director

Dana is a writer, editor and branded content strategist who previously worked over five years for Tribune Publishing’s the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and LA Times. Her penchant for the food industry led Dana to positions managing a regional grocer’s social media presence, and, more recently, directing the editorial content strategy for kitchen- and cooking-centric brands including KitchenAid and Whirlpool. With engaging content that peels back the many layers of this country’s dynamic culinary community, Dana hopes to connect with the Feast and Field enthusiast whose affinity for food culture is as strong as her own.

Heather Gray

Creative Director

Growing up in an artistic family that owned food trucks and restaurants, Heather was deep frying cheese and styling plates before most kids could slap together a PB&J. After many summers divided between carnivals, computers and canvases, she went on to lead digital design at an agency for several years before focusing on publishing. Heather defined the creative strategy at a regional lifestyle magazine for more than a decade where she produced award-winning features and bold, innovative dining content while also managing the company’s online presence. This diverse background (and mild obsession with food media) well prepares Heather for Feast and Field. A visual storyteller, Heather combines photography, video and design to showcase our country’s fascinating food sources.

Mandi Hesser

Social Media and Digital Strategist

Mandi is a food and wine enthusiast with a hunger to taste all that life has to offer. Her passion for food began during childhood, as she remembers eagerly trying every type of fare put in front of her. For the last six years, Mandi has mastered marketing in the media industry. She previously managed events and promotions for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch before expanding her reach to work with news publications across the United States through Lee Enterprises. As Mandi’s career expanded, so did her love for food. She has worked with industry individuals ranging from small agriculture suppliers to James Beard Award-winning chefs and she is excited to bring her passion and skills together in her role with Feast and Field.

Donna Bischoff


Donna's career encompasses three decades of strategic revenue growth and innovation at Lee Enterprises. She leads the branded content division across 77 nation-wide markets with creativity, pioneering new and expanded revenue streams. Donna has developed a reputation for creating winning solutions that engage customers with a focus on story-telling and a keen eye on her clients’ return on investment. Leaders in grocery, food, travel and more, have trusted her expertise to analyze markets and trends. As an industry executive, she connects local and national brands with our audiences. Feast and Field is a place for outdoor enthusiasts, farmers, makers, foodies and folks who just love a good story.